Cyber Defense Labs integrates people, process, technology to resolve issues of our client and provide how to build cyber resiliency. We work with global partners with extensive experiences to provide best practices.

Board Member

  • CEO
    Toru Tsuchiya
  • Director
    Dr. Nobuo Kamata
  • Director
    Greg Rattray


  • Advisor
    Patrick Dempsey

Company Information

Corporation Information Cyber Defense Labs, K.K.
Capital 75 million Yen
Executives CEO Toru Tsuchiya
Director Dr .Nobuo Kamata
Director Dr. Greg Rattray
Advisor Patrick Dempsey
Office Address Four Seasons bldg. 10F 2-4-3 Shinjuku Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
Established February 19, 2024
Major shareholders Soliton Systems K.K.
Membership Japan Cyber Crime Control Center